Coronavirus: How to disinfect your cash?

We are well-aware of how to sanitize everything from the door handle to your mobile. But what about banknotes and coins that you have in your wallet? Here is how you can disinfect them in coronavirus pandemic.

Want to know how to disinfect your currency? You can use the following methods ...

1) Sanitizer spray

Sanitizer sprays that contain at least 60 percent alcohol are perhaps the most convenient way to Sanities banknotes.

They would also work well with coins. Because coins need greater attention than banknotes because of their metallic surface.

Therefore, Sanitizer sprays work with banknotes and coins, too.

If you are using a sanitizer spray, all you need to do is ensure you spray the complete banknote, not missing any spots and leave them out to dry. Once the notes have dried completely, you can safely keep them in your wallet.


2) Soap and Water

Cleaning of currency can be done with a cloth soaked in soap and water and leaving it to dry is also a good way to disinfect your currency.

Coins can easily be cleaned using soap and water as they are less likely to get damaged compared to banknotes.



3) Disinfectant wipes

Wipes are another convenient yet effective way of cleaning your currency. Gently clean the banknotes with a disinfectant wipe, which can be bought in pocket-friendly sizes.

As well as bigger packages for use at home or in the office. The disinfectant contains chemicals that are known to kill most pathogens. Researchers believe these would also be effective against the new Coronavirus.

Any bleach should be used as per instructions on how to dilute it. If disinfectant wipes are used, it should not affect the currency, as banknotes are made from a special material and are resistant


How you should handle cash in coronavirus pandemic?


1) Always opt for cashless payment

The first tip would be to avoid cash altogether, from online payments to smart pay options.

Like Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay, there are many ways in which you could avoid dealing with cash.

The second best option is paying by card, as it involves minimum interaction.

The concern with cash is that if someone with coronavirus coughed into their hands and did not follow basic hand hygiene practices before taking a banknote from their wallet, the disease could live on the surface of the note ...

... and possibly infect a second person. However, if you cannot avoid cash transactions, use the methods mentioned above to disinfect the money, and stay safe.



2) Wear gloves

Wearing gloves is another good practice if you are handling cash, particularly at an ATM machine. However, make sure that you continue to use a hand sanitizer.

and avoid touching your face or fidgeting with your mask.


3) Carry a plastic bag

It is recommended coronavirus pandemic, people should carefully place notes and coins they have received into a disposable plastic bag instead of sticking them directly into a wallet.

Keeping cash in a plastic bag or open wallet reduces the chances of the wallet coming in contact with unclean hands or money.

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