MoI finalizing processing of residency visas online

KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s IT sector is currently working on a mega project that will help over 3 million expats residing in Kuwait renew their residency visas and those of their dependents online at the ministry’s website without having to go to various immigration departments. The new service will also enable expats to issue family visit visas for parents, spouses and children, said informed sources, noting that all expats would have to do is upload the needed data and documents on the website, save them in the state’s electronic archive and fill an application form.

“The only obstacle facing the project now is collecting the health insurance fees, which is currently done by a public services company,” the sources remarked. The sources added that MoI’s IT Director Maj Gen Ali Al-Muaili yesterday met health officials on the Cabinet’s economic committee to discuss overcoming this problem. The sources said both sides agreed to have MoI set a program on its website to collect the fees online in collaboration with K-Net by the beginning of the new year, so that the project can become operational by mid-2019.

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