Air Arabia opens regular flight bookings from June 1

The airline has opened online bookings for its flights to Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka

Sharjah: In a surprise move, Air Arabia, a Sharjah-based low-cost airline, has opened regular passenger flight bookings on its online reservation portal with effect from June 1.

The airline had earlier mentioned on its website that the flights are suspended until May 30. Any passenger can now book the flight by visiting the Air Arabia website to destinations including:

  • Karachi and Peshawar in Pakistan;
  • Mumbai, Delhi, Tribandrum in India;
  • Dhaka in Bangladesh;
  • Beirut, Lebanon;
  • Cairo, Egypt;
  • Moscow,Russia;
  • and some other European and Eastern Eurpean countries.

The reservation is open for return flights as well, according to the online portal.

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