Cops tow away Pakistani revelers’ cars in Salmiya on 14th Aug night

KUWAIT: As Pakistanis gathered by a residential block of Salmiya on Wednesday night to mark their Independence Day, Kuwait police halted their revelry by towing their cars away.

In what has become an annual affair, a large group of Pakistani celebrants took to the streets to commemorate their country’s independence from colonial rule on Aug 14, 1947, with an exuberant display of revved up car engines, daredevil stunts, shrill chanting and misplaced mayhem.

Residents commended the resolve of the police officers who stayed until midnight, booking cars and clearing out the area. “We are very thankful that the cops showed up and put an end to all the chaos. This isn’t the place to be spinning cars,” one resident shared.

I don’t know why they choose to gather at this particular point. None of them reside in our building so it is not okay for them to hijack our parking lots, restrict our access to it while making so much noise and disturbing our peace. There must be a better place, away from residential areas, for them to have their fun. Can they not think of better cultural or community events to celebrate a national holiday?”, another resident commented.

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