Current year to witness replacement of expats with 8,000 Kuwaitis

Sources pointed out the plan to eliminate expatriate workers could not be implemented one time. Sources added the decision aims to reach the targeted percentage of Kuwaiti employees out of the total workforce after five years.
Sources went on to say that governmental bodies concerned with manpower in State institutions have looked into the administrative jobs in the private sector, which can be occupied by citizens instead of expatriates within the next eight years.

Sources revealed the number of Kuwaitis occupying administrative jobs reached 26,000 compared with 83,000 expatriates. Sources confirmed the current year will witness the replacement of expatriates with 8,000 Kuwaitis 2,000 fresh graduates and 6,000 who transferred to the private sector from various governmental bodies on their own.

Sources added 24 administrative fields are currently covered by the replacement policy including executives, storekeepers, head and executive researchers, head secretaries, liaison officers, call center workers, data entry operators, directors and supervisors among others.

Meanwhile, official statistics released by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) and Central Statistical Bureau showed an increase in the number of Kuwaitis working in the governmental and private sectors under the age category 15 to 19 years old around 1,350, reports Al-Qabas daily.

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