Education Ministry approves IGCSE classes in Indian and Pakistani schools

KUWAIT: Education Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Private and Quality Education Abdelmohsen Al-Huwailah issued a decision approving the opening of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) classes in foreign schools that have Indian and Pakistani education systems for the secondary stage only, to be taught during morning hours along with the other curricula.

IGCSE is an English language curriculum offered to students to prepare them for International Baccalaureate, A Level and BTEC Level 3. Procedures for applying to open IGCSE classes in private schools include:

- An application to the private education department, along with information about the partner education entity that will issue the international certificate.

- The private education department reviews the application.

- When the school receives the approval of the ministry to open IGCSE classes and completes registration with the partner entity that issues the international certificate, the school will send the registration certificate and reports related to it to the private education department.

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