Engineer’s Degree verification will be outsourced – More than 15,000 Indian engineers now face scrutiny

KUWAIT: Kuwait Engineers Society (KES) has finalized an agreement with a Swedish company to verify expat engineer's degrees. Head of the society Faisal Al-Atal said the company has been working in the Gulf region and is responsible for verifying engineers’ certificates in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Atal said: “The engineers will submit all their certificates to the company and will give the mandate to the company to make necessary inquiries.”

He said the “the company will also provide us with information about the criminal record of every person who wants their certificate authenticated”, adding the fees will be collected directly by the company. — Al-Rai

More than 15,000 Indian engineers who work in Kuwait now face scrutiny from the KSE, a public benefit association that has since stipulated that it would grant NOCs only to engineers from colleges approved by National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

The provision has affected around 90 percent of Indian engineers because few technical education institutions in India have NBA accreditation. Most are from (All India Council for Technical Education) AICTE-approved colleges.

“People with fake engineering degrees should not receive residence and work permits. However, KSE shouldn’t punish engineers with genuine AICTE-approved degrees. The Indian government should intervene and work out a solution with the Kuwaiti authorities regarding AICTE-approved degrees,” he added.

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