‘Health relief for expatriates soon’

KUWAIT: The official spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Director of Vocational Health Department Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti disclosed that expatriates will soon have health relief, which will include the provision of healthcare services at moderate prices to ensure a balance between insurance coverage and healthcare service charges, because the state can feel their sufferings. Dr Al-Shatti declared that Al-Dhaman Hospitals will be ready to offer services at the primary health centers by next year, and services will be offered directly in 2020 with the support of existing hospitals.

Talking about the right time for inaugurating Jaber and Jahra hospitals, Al-Shatti said the people of Kuwait have been asking the same question even though he doesn’t have an answer to it. He noted Jaber Hospital has 1,200 bed-space and needs 20,000 workers but Civil Service Commission (CSC) has yet to create those vacancies based on government’s policy.

Source: Arab Times

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