Heavy fine KD 135 for parking cars in co-op sheds

KUWAIT: People who park their cars in the parking shed of cooperative societies when they go on holidays during summer, thinking it is a safe place and free of charge, will have to pay a heavy price, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting security sources said if a car is found parked in the parking lot of the co-op will have to pay KD 135 for the first three days and KD 1 for each subsequent day. Vice-president of the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies Khalid Al-Hudaiban told the daily: “There is a continuous security fear of parked cars in the cooperative societies saying it should not be left in the parking lot for more than three days.”

This has been the case in the past, but now the situation has changed, and is no longer free. The cost of parking the car for 3 days is KD 135 minimum, he said. He went on to say the car parks will be monitored by CCTV cameras and in cooperation with the cooperative societies, saying ‘security comes first’. He added it is not allowed for any expatriate to park his car in the parking lot of cooperative societies and leave for home country or on vacation abroad.

He said: “The cooperative usually informs the Kuwait Municipality within 3 days and is notified to put the warning sticker on the car. Director of Hygiene and Road Occupations Department of the Capital City Mishal Al-Azmi told the daily the cost of parking the car in the parking lot of a cooperative society is a violation of a law and will cost the owner KD 135 for the first three days and KD 1 for each day subsequent day.

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