Huge quantity of ‘life-saving’ drug stolen

KUWAIT: A large quantity of medicine which is used for treating nerve pain is discovered to be missing, reports Al- Qabas daily. According to informed sources, the missing quantity is worth nearly KD 4 million and could have leaked into the local black market.

A foreign pharmaceutical company, which arranged for the import of the medicines via a logistics company, has been conducting internal investigations.

However, it is currently accusing the logistics company of causing the disappearance of nearly 10,000 strips of the medicine.

The cost of one strip of the medicine, which consists of 20 pills, is KD 40, but each strip is sold at KD 20 in the local black market.

This medicine is registered on the drugs list of many countries worldwide. The sources stressed the need for the investigations to extend beyond the administrations of both these companies to reach Ministry of Health which is responsible for monitoring medicines in Kuwait, as well as Ministry of Interior which is responsible for identifying the culprits and determining where these missing quantity has disappeared.

Source: Arab Times

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