Ministry strictly prohibits hiking fees in private schools

KUWAIT: Undersecretary of Ministry of Education Dr Abdulmohsen Al-Huwaila says he has issued directives to senior officials of Private Education Sector to follow up the readiness of private schools for the new academic year.

He warned that increasing the fees for students is strictly prohibited as per the relevant ministerial decision, stressing that necessary legal actions will be taken against any violating schools starting with issuing a warning against the school and can reach the extent of cancelling the license.

Dr Huwaila insisted that collecting money from students under any pretext is strictly prohibited including registration fees except for the difference in the fees for Bedoun students whose fees are paid by the charitable fund for the support of students. Regarding the procedures of appointing new teachers and supervisory employees in private schools, he explained that the procedures start with receiving applications from the relevant schools.

The applications include the employees’ file and all the requested documents such as educational certificates. Dr Al-Huwaila stressed that the applicants for teaching and supervisory positions in private schools must be highly qualified and their certificates must be attested and matching the position for which they are applying.

He went on to explain that the employee’s file will be reviewed by the concerned department before it will be referred to the technical supervision team of the relevant subject where the file will be examined carefully. After making sure the file is suitable, the applicant is called for an interview. If he passes the interview, he will receive temporary approval to join the staff of teachers.

Permanent approval will not be issued prior to equalization of the applicant’s certificate by Ministry of Higher Education. Dr Al-Huwaila affirmed that legal actions will be taken against any teacher who is proven or suspected of submitting fake certificates and against teachers whose technical level is low due to lack of knowledge or any other reasons.

He revealed that the Education Affairs Department of Private Education Sector conducts regular visits to private Arabic schools to ensure the teachers working there have obtained relevant approvals, adding that teachers are subjected to regular evaluation based on specific criteria, the results of which are sent to the school manager, head of the department and the relevant technical supervisor.

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