MoFA denies to register for stranded relatives of Expats

KUWAIT: Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs Sami Al-Hamad said that what was published on social media regarding the launch of a website to register for repatriation of relatives of "Expats" is incorrect.

Al-Hamad stated that the process of repatriation arrangements is limited to Kuwaitis and their first-degree relatives (father- mother - son - husband - wife) according to the decisions of the relevant authorities in the country.

In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Al-Hamad added that the return arrangements also include the passport holders of Article (17) who have officially left the country.

AAI-Hamad stated that based on the measures taken and related to the total ban the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate Kuwaitis launched a special link to register citizens who have first-degree relatives (father - mother - son - husband - wife). (KUNA)

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