MP urges govt to tax expats for the ‘air they breathe’

KUWAIT: MP Safa Al-Hashem calling again for taxing expatriates for the air they breathe in the country. Hashem, the only female member in the 50-seat Assembly, said that “expatriates must be charged for everything, for medical services, infrastructure and again I say for the air they breathe here”.

The lawmaker was objecting to a proposal by the government to study a taxation law as part of the government development plan. “It will be applied on Kuwaitis only on my dead body” screamed Hashem at a press conference in the National Assembly after attending a meeting for the committee entrusted to find jobs for Kuwaitis by replacing expatriate jobs.

She insisted that no taxation or charges will be imposed on Kuwaitis before the government amends the highly demographic structure which is highly in favor of expatriates, saying there are just under 1.4 million Kuwaitis for as many as 3.2 million expatriates. She said that the government must first find jobs for the 14,000 unemployed Kuwaitis and tackle the problem of over 110,000 illiterate expatriates in the country, asking “why are they here in the first place”.

Source: Kuwait Times

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