New diseased expats to be denied entry in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Reliable sources said that MOH in order to cut expenses and to have better control and security in prevention and spread of disease have issued new list of 21 diseases and illness which will prevent new expats coming to Kuwait.

The measures are taken by the health ministry in order to overburden the the state budget alloted to the health ministry.

Expats with valid residencies and are currently residing in Kuwait who are diagnosed for below disease will not be deported except those with tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, HIV and AIDS.

New list of disease which expats will be deemed unfit and bared from entering Kuwait:

Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Irregular high blood pressure
Kidney failure
Fibrosis of Lungs
Calcification of lungs
Inflammation of the pleura
Contagious diseases
Cross eyed
Pregnant women (applying for jobs)
Weak eyesight
Hypertrophy contractions

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