Three Egyptian arrested for stealing 40 phones

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested three Egyptians for breaking into shops and stealing 40 smart phones and money while the fourth man is believed to be still at large, reports Al-Rai daily.

Police have recovered some phones from the suspects while a large number of gadgets, they say, have been sold to unknown people. The men reportedly targeted the shops in Al-Rai area on Aug 2, this year.

They were arrested on suspicion after getting a search and arrest warrant from the Public Prosecution. When police viewed the CCTV footage of the cameras installed nearby, the men are seen looking at the CCTV cameras in a suspicious manner.

Three of them kept a watch on the outside while the other two went about breaking into the shops. There was one more man seen sitting next to the suspects, but he reportedly happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and has nothing to with the crime. The men are being interrogated to check if they are involved in other thefts, the culprits in which cases are yet to be nabbed.

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