Twitter said to close all fake accounts

KUWAIT CITY, March 26: The social networking website Twitter has informed account holders in the Arab world particularly in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia that it is going to close all fictitious and fake accounts from April 1, reports Al-Shahed daily. “We are trying to make Twitter a safe and effective platform” was the titled of the message that was recently sent to the owners of such accounts.

Such a step will affect tens of thousands of fake and automated accounts that have been part of interactions on the “blue bird” site and criticized by the professional content creators. The new update will limit the number of posts that can be tweeted and re-tweeted automatically at certain times.

This update will also prevent the accounts that are linked to each other from interacting in a deliberate way to create a fake trend. The company said it will continue to investigate and verify the behavior of some accounts that it considers as suspicious. It is worth mentioning that these measures will be directly reflected on the so called “electronic flies” which are often sponsored by governments, especially with the controversy surrounding Russia these days.

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